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You Can Choose How You Die

Have you thought how you are going to die?
You may believe that you have never thought about it and don’t particularly want to do so now but actually you have thought it and do so with every decision you make.
Let me tell you about a friend of mine called Neal Holliday. After his funeral we all went to a pub and a friend asked me why I hadn’t gone to see him in the hospice before his death. I told her that I didn’t because I wouldn’t be sympathetic to his death at all. She looked surprised so I explained. I would have gone there and said,
“Well, Neal, well done. You chose the way you were going to die. You chose to kill yourself with alcohol and cigarillos. And you had decades of enjoying them – of savouring fine port and those silly cigarillos you loved. And now you have to pay for all that pleasure. But your pain will be short. So you had decades and fun and you paid for it with a small amount of pain. Well done.”
She laughed and said that I should have done that because Neal would have appreciated it.
That is true for all of us:
Every day in every minute decision, we choose how we will die but how we choose how to live

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