Who Am I and Why Should It Matter To You?

I find it difficult to talk about myself for a number of reasons:
  1. I learned very early on in my life that the vast majority of humanity were not interested in me; they were only interested in themselves. And I learned very quickly that if I tried to get them interested in me, I would be wasting my time. So I talked about them. An unintentional benefit of this was that I got to learn all sorts of really interesting stuff
  2. Because things don’t happen in chronological order. Yes, its true that time comes at us at the rate of 1 second per second. However, events and understanding do not happen in the order we experience them or perhaps that should be that events and understanding are not experienced in the order that they actually happen. For example, I went to school and learned some stuff but it was only much later that I saw the relevance of it
  1. I am just one of 7 billion people (and counting). My story is no more important than any of theirs – or yours
  2. As we will probably never meet, I am less important to you than people you will bump into as you walk down the street
  3. Because you are the most important person in your life – and so you should be
Because my story and my experiences may just be able to help you and it is vitally important to you that I am not a criminal, a conman or a complete idiot.
There are four main themes to my life. When added together, they can make my behaviour and my logic seem, well, illogical. They are:
  1. THE MAZE: If you were unable to see a maze and just saw the behaviour of someone trying to solve it, their actions would look bizarre and contradictory. First they go one way and then another; then they go forward, now back. It makes no sense. However, if you see the maze, you immediately make sense of the behaviour: a person hits a dead end and then has to go back. The problem with the maze that I follow is that it is not physical. I am trying to solve a problem for which there are many “solutions”. So I try one. If it doesn’t work, I move on. And worse, sometimes the solution works but only for a short time or in the correct situation so it has to be abandoned. Ironically, when people play computer games, they are quite happy to do the same thing
  2. THE BEST FORM OF PATIENCE IS TO DO SOMETHING ELSE WHILE YOU ARE WAITING. A project is going along swimmingly and then it hits a brick wall – a brick wall that cannot be pushed through, jumped over or got around. So you’re stuck. What’s the obvious thing to do? Well, you have two options: you can sit and wait for the wall to be eroded away by time; or you get on with something else. As my life is limited (and short), I choose to do something else until I can find a way around the wall. Unfortunately others see that as quitting because that is what they do
  3. THINGS CHANGE AND WE HAVE TO ADAPT. This an axiom of every major religion and belief system and yet people still refuse to live by it. They think that tomorrow will be just like yesterday. This is why there is so much debate over Climate Change: because people don’t want change; because people fear change. My own feelling is that change is happening faster in the Twenty-First Century. I am having to adapt on a daily basis
  4. I TRY TO TRUST MY SUBCONSCIOUS. My research has shown me that the Subconscious sees everything, hears everything and remembers everything. Unfortunately, it speaks in code. In that way, it is worse than Yoda. Haiku poetry and Zen sayings about the sound of one hand clapping – hah! They’re amateurs compared to the Subconscious. The Times crossword puzzle – yawn! Try deciphering what your Subconscious is telling you.Thankfully, most of the time it uses physical sensations: gut feelings, something make your skin crawl or just feeling uneasy about something. Now, by defintion, the Subconscious is illogical, at least as far as Conscious Logic. I suppose a more accurate description is that the Conscious and Subconscious use completely different forms of logic
If I were to sum them up, it would be that I choose to take action whilst the majority choose to wait. “All things come to those that wait”. Who said that? They are a world-class murderer. How many people have gone to their grave waiting to lead happy lives with great relationships and the wealth to enjoy it all? How many of the people who got those things tell others “All you need to do is wait and they will find you?”

4 comments on “Who Am I and Why Should It Matter To You?

  1. Hi Mr Phil Maguire from M-Powered,

    This post is nicely explicated. Well done!

    SoundEagle hopes that whilst you are running into a brick wall in trying to figure out how to get the second menu working, you have been doing something else as you wait for a solution to appear.

  2. And so I tracked you down – aha! They do say that clarity comes from action not contemplation so choosing to take action rather than waiting seems wise, even if it appears like manic craziness to others.

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